Cheap VS Not So Much — Boos Blades Smoke VS Real Steel Metamorph


The second installment of Cheap VS Not So Much where we take two knives that are very similar other than the price and decide if the pricey one is worth the money! YOU CAN BUY STICKERS NOW! The stickers in the background are now available! Just PayPal $5 to Shipping is included. Make sure to visit White Mountain Knives at and get your discount by using the code SDWMK at checkout! If you enjoy these videos and want to see more, please support us on Patreon at Thanks in advance. Check out the Slicey Dicey Podcast at Check me out on Instagram @sliceydicey75 and Facebook at Email me at — You can also just donate to the channel via PayPal to the very same address. If you want to contact me the old-fashioned way or send stuff for me to review, my address is… Slicey Dicey PO Box 18672 Rochester, NY 14618


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