Apparitions (Album Version) (Sekiro Non Extended Full Remastered OST)

This is a regular non extended version of the track, though fully remastered the same way as all my extended versions. Uploaded in case you don’t want to listen to this track in its extended form on ES-pl, so you could make your own playlist where you will choose the preferable versions. Below you will find a link to a full OST playlist that contains all the remastered tracks I uploaded before but not extended. Also this particular track is an album version of this theme that differs from the in game version by having heavily rebalanced frequencies and instruments loudness (though structurally it is completely the same). Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice best boss fight themes extended and remastered (includes some non boss fight tracks as well): Sekiro Extended Full Remastered Soundtrack (including all the unreleased music): Sekiro NON Extended Full Remastered Soundtrack (including all the unreleased music): This playlist is created so that if you want to listen to some of the remastered tracks in non extended form on ES-pl, you may create your own playlist where you can choose which versions you prefer, extended or not, and use these videos. You may compare the remaster quality to the original with these videos as examples: Strength and Discipline: Original: Remastered: Genichiro Ashina: Original: Remaster: Soundtrack’s main composer: Yuka Kitamura Additional composer: Noriyuki Asakura (Tenchu series) Check out my other From Software games OST compilations and more: Dark Souls III UNUSED UNRELEASED OST and DLC Extended Soundtrack: Bloodborne Extended Soundtrack with LYRICS TRANSLATIONS: NieR: Automata Piano Collections with Vocals: NieR:Automata UNRELEASED Soundtrack playlist (HQ mixes of Nier’s OST variations, not released in the official album): WOLFENSTEIN II: THE NEW COLOSSUS OST: Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Soundtrack (Unreleased + Released OST, fully REMASTERED): ___________________________ The officially released FLAC version of this game’s soundtrack is technically one of the best FLAC releases I’ve seen. The frequencies go up to 24 kHz, the hiss is absent throughout almost all the tracks (with a few exceptions). The filling is great as well, almost all of the music from the game presented here, as well as some tracks that are not used in the game at all. Only cinematic music from the cut scenes is not in the album. Also almost all of the tracks have proper endings (when for example we waited a whole year for the release of the full DS3 soundtrack which included full versions of all tracks, including proper endings), the only tracks with no endings are most of the regular combat themes. Still there are some flaws in this release. All tracks are full of clicks and some other annoying audio artifacts, that may not bother you if you listen to the music not loud, but ruin the experience when listening loudly. Also I hated the overall balancing of the album (if you don’t get what I’m talking about here, it is the stuff that you may control and change with an equalizer): almost all the tracks sound like they’re playing from within a pile of mud and it is very unpleasant to listen (for me at least). My remastered compilation fixes all the described above issues, I removed most of the clicks and hisses in the tracks and rebalanced the frequencies for most of the tracks so they would sound much clearer and pleasant. The compilation comes in two versions: regular and extended. I mixed regular versions of each track (single loop or two if the loop is very short) and extended versions of each track (two loops cycled, including two-phased boss fight tracks or three loops cycled if the loop is very short). The downloadable archive includes both versions, as well as some alternative versions of some tracks. Also the compilations include all the music from the game, including all the unreleased pieces. You will find the download link to the whole compilation, extended and non extended versions, FLAC and MP3, in the very last video of both FULL playlists (above in the description).